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The SPIRIT project, which ran from March 2014 to November 2016, aimed to deliver effective energy saving programmes to promote energy efficient behaviour and energy saving activities in homes.

Through a partnership of 8 organisations in 8 EU member states, SPIRIT engaged faith based organisations to help their communities change the way they use energy in the home, leading to measurable energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction.

SPIRIT’s main objectives were to:

  Establish and test a standard approach to delivering energy saving behaviour change campaigns via faith based networks that will be applicable across Europe

  Train 270 members of faith based networks to become volunteer Energy Champions, through interactive sessions led by energy efficiency experts (an average of 40 volunteers in each partner region) 

  Deliver 700 demonstration household energy assessments led by professional advisers and 6,200 Energy Champion advice sessions to members of faith based networks (an average of 1,000 sessions in each partner region)

  Demonstrate the impact of the advice sessions and the resulting changes in behaviour by recording and monitoring energy saving pledges made by householders, and calculating the associated energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions.

Key project activities

  • Engaging faith based communities to present/raise awareness on energy efficiency
  • Recruiting and training SPIRIT volunteers within faith based communities on energy efficiency
  • Organising energy advice sessions and home visits to share tailored and concrete energy saving solutions with interested households
  • Helping households to reduce their energy consumption at home by delivering energy saving and behaviour change advice

To support these activities, the partners developed a range of materials which offer guidance on engaging faith communities, and help volunteers to grow their understanding of energy issues, the role of behaviour change and how to deliver energy advice. This includes a Faith Community Engagement Manual, Energy Champion Manual, training materials, consumer energy saving guidance and a pledge card. These materials are available in the Spirit documents section of this website.

Key project results

  • 100s of faith communities engaged, from a range of different faiths
  • 405 volunteer Energy Champions recruited across the partner countries, trained in 61 sessions
  • 734 demonstration energy advice sessions led by professional energy advisers
  • 4,714 Energy Champion advice sessions for households, led by the volunteers
  • Over 4,800 households made a combined total of over 28,800 pledges to change the way they use energy in the home
  • These pledges, if kept, equate to total estimated savings of over 2,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions and almost 7,800 MWh of energy per year, or an average of 0.52 t CO2 and 1.6 MWh per household

For more information on the project’s results, see the Results Summary Sheet and Summative Evaluation Final Report.

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