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  • www.energiesparen.be – Flemish organisation website that provides information and practical energy advice
  • www.passeursdenergie.be – Coaching Citizens by citizens to achieve energy savings and switch to renewable energy
  • curbain.be – Information about energy savings and renovation
  • www.sun-euregio.eu/fr – European project to support households to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
  • www.netrv.be/ecokerk – Network of Christian solidarity organisations in Flanders and Brussels (Netwerk van Christelijke solidariteitsorganisaties in Vlaanderen en Brussel)
  • www.letsgreenup.org/?lang=fr – Awareness Initiative ecology and fair trade for young Muslims. Creating a guide to ecological management of mosques (energy and water savings, development of plots of arable land and provision of recycling facilities)


Newsletter „Smart energy“ connected with the Czech NGO decarbonisation scenario

Centre for Renewable Energy and energy saving.  Energy counselling for free.

Centre for Passive Houses – comprehensive offer of information and education for professionals

Comprehensive information on Climate Change produced by the Czech Climate Coalition

Gateway to information on energy savings and renewables

Czech Governmental programme  „(New) Green Light for Savings“ – subsidies for family and residential houses for energy saving retrofit.

About Hostetin – the nearly 100% renewable and ecological village

New standards for old houses – Practical guide for  retrofit of family  houses  in the 21th century

Czech Christian Environmental Network


Toutes les fiches pratiques de prioriterre, espace info-énergie :

Les bonnes infos jeunes sur la planète :

Vous avez un projet de rénovation ou besoin de conseils, consultez le site des espaces info-énergie :

Vous souhaitez faire des économies à la maison de manière ludique et avec des amis ou des voisins :


Un jeu en ligne qui sensibilise aux économies d’énergie à la maison, de nos amis québéquois:



Consumer centre (www.consumer.bz.it)

The regional consumer centre, based in Bolzano, offers a vast amount of information materials as well as personal assistance and consultancy services to families, on the issues of cost reduction and minimising environmental impact.

List of all energy consultancy sessions offered (not for free):


Information material about the reduction of heating costs:


Information material about the reduction of heating and electricity costs:


General information about energy savings in private households:


Information material about correct airing:


Information material about the reduction of electricity costs:


Information material about the reduction of water consumption:


Index, which helps people to understand how much electricity they consume:


Information about the “energy-check-card”, a tool which helps families to keep track of their electricity, water and heating costs.


OEW – Organisation für eine Solidarische Welt


NGO engaging for intercultural, social and environmental affairs, with a strong focus on sustainability and inter-/intragenerational justice and fair trade.

Advice for energy savings in households:



Autonome Provinz Bozen Südtirol – Abteilung Landesagentur für Umwelt


The Environment Agency of the regional administration carries out regulatory and monitoring functions, and offers consultancy and information about energy efficiency in the Province of Bolzano.


Advices for energy savings in households:



Energieforum Südtirol

Association consulting households on energy issues, ranging from simple behaviour change to extensive building insulation measures.


Advice for energy saving in households:


Information about energy analyses and application:


Information about lectures and seminars regarding energy efficiency:


Information about projects regarding energy efficiency in schools:


Information about events, organised in order to learn about energy efficiency:



Caritas Schuldnerberatung

This service by the faith-based organisation Caritas assists families in economic difficulties and helps them get costs under control. Energy costs play an important role in the work of Caritas Schuldnerberatung.

Advice for families in economic difficulties, also regarding energy savings in households:





The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland was established as Ireland’s national energy authority under the Sustainable Energy Act 2002. SEAI’s mission is to play a leading role in transforming Ireland into a society based on sustainable energy structures, technologies and practices. SEAI’s actions will help advance Ireland to the vanguard of the global green technology movement, so that Ireland is recognised as a pioneer in the move to decarbonised energy systems


The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government is responsibility for environmental matters and local government.


The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources is responsible for the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Energy sectors. It regulates, protects and develops the Natural Resources of Ireland.


The OWL team combines many years of commercial experience with an in depth knowledge of wireless hardware and cloud software development. OWL “Standalone” Electricity Monitors are simple devices aimed at giving the householder a low cost, quick to install and easy to use device to help understand domestic electricity consumption.  The monitor shows consumption or cost per hour (or kwh if preferred), and has a CO2 equivalent reading too.  


Meath County Council is the primary unit of Local Government in County Meath. The Council was established in 1899 following the enactment of the 1898. Some of the services delivered include housing applications and allocations, disabled persons and essential repairs grants and planning.


Islam Ireland Provides quality services to the Muslim community in Ireland.


The Cultural Centre provides a platform for the community to practice and promote Indian culture. The Cultural Centre is broadly based covering various important aspects of Indian culture viz. music, languages, drama, yoga, religion, etc. It also provides a place of worship.


The Dublin Buddhist Centre is part of a world-wide movement of Buddhist centres called the Triratna Buddhist Community. They are a not-for-profit charity, and have been teaching Buddhism, meditation and yoga in Dublin since 1990.


Dublin City Interfaith Forum is a network of people from different Faith Communities in Dublin. Their aim is to create awareness and dialogue through relationships that nurture harmony, respect and understanding.


Energy Action Scotland (EAS) primary aim is to campaign for an end to fuel poverty in Scotland. It strives to do this in a variety of ways in order to influence both policy and practice. This includes responding to consultations and providing briefings to politicians and government officials at UK, Scottish and local levels.


Dublin Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of all businesses in the Greater Dublin Area and as the leading business organisation in the area, the Chamber offers the opportunity to promote your business and to get involved in its future direction.


www.minklimatpaverkan.se – På den här sidan har Swedish Environment Institute (SEI) tagit fram ett test där du kan se vilken klimatpåverkan din livsstil har; ekologiskt fotavtryck (vatten- och markanvändning) och klimatfotavtryck (växthusgaser).

The Swedish Environment Institute (SEI) has developed a test where you can see what climate impact your lifestyle has, your carbon footprint and organic footprint (land and water use).

www.energimyndigheten.se/energieffektivisering – På Energimyndighetens hemsida finns en mängd information om olika områden så som energimärkning, belysning, uppvärmning och hemelektronik. Klicka dig runt eller använd sökfältet!

On Sweden Energy Agency’s webpage there is lots of information on various fields such as energy labelling, lighting, heating and home electronics. Have a look around or use the search bar!

http://energikalkylen.energimyndigheten.se/ – I Energimyndighetens energikalkyl får du svara på frågor angående energianvändningen i ditt hem. Efter testet får du förslag på åtgärder du kan göra för att minska energianvändningen.

In Sweden Energy Agency’s energy calculator you answer questions regarding energy use in your home. After the test you receive suggestions on what measures you can take to reduce energy use.

http://iis.energiradgivningen.se/misc/www/kalkyler/hushall/hushall.aspx – Energimyndigheten har även en kalkyl för hushållsel du kan testa och se vilken del du lägger mest pengar på.

Sweden Energy Agency also have a calculator for household electricity where you can see which part you spend most money on.

http://klimatkontot.se/ – På klimatkontot testar du din klimatpåverkan, antingen med snabba frågor eller mer utförligt. Testet tar hänsyn till bostad, resor, mat och konsumtion och är framtaget av IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet.

The climate account tests your climate impact, with quick or more detailed answers. The test takes housing, travel, food and consumption into account and is developed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. English version available.

www.naturvardsverket.se/Miljoarbete-i-samhallet/Sveriges-miljomal – På Naturvårdsverkets hemsida hittar du Sveriges miljömål och kan läsa om hur det går för respektive mål.

On the webpage of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency you will find the national environmental quality objectives of Sweden and can read about progress on each of them. English page available.


UK Spirit Energy Champions Facebook page


Energy Saving Trust: An independent trust focused on energy saving
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Greater London Authority (Regional Government)
Ofgem: UK Energy Regulatory Body
The EU Fuel Poverty Network: an organisation that aims to raise awareness and further the dialogue on fuel poverty across the EU
The Inter Faith Network for the UK
London Sustainability Exchange’s work with faith communities:
CIWEM pages on faith and the environment:



European faith related websites

  • GreenFaith, an innovative, multi-faith environmental group helping people put belief into action for the Earth:


  • Our Voices, a global movement of people of all faiths and none, lifting their voices and taking action for climate justice at and following COP21:

www. ourvoices.net

  • Religions for Peace, committed to leading efforts to advance effective multi-religious cooperation for peace on global, regional, national and local levels:


  • ARC, a secular body that helps the world’s major faiths develop environmental programmes based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practice:


  • Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community:


  • Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations:


  • European Christian Environmental Network


European projects on energy efficiency awareness raising (some of them !)

  • REACH : aims to contribute to fuel poverty abatement at practical and structural level (ONGOING):


  • FIESTA : aims to lead families with children to save energy at home, acting both on their energy consumption behaviour and on their purchasing decisions (ONGOING):

www.fiesta-audit.eu (website features animations focused on how to save energy in the home)

  • TRIME : a community led energy saving initiative helping social housing residents to reduce their energy use (ONGOING):

www.trime-eu.org (website features a short film on saving energy in the home, at www.trime-eu.org/challenge)

  • BEHAVE : evaluation of energy behavioural change programmes (CLOSED):


  • ENERGY NEIGHBOURHOODS : Aimed to bring the ‘Kyoto Protocol’ closer to people into their homes, by organising a competition between the community and their citizens to reduce energy use by at least 8% (CLOSED):


  • EC-LINC: energy checks for low income households (CLOSED):


European information websites

  • European Environment Agency : aims to provide sound, independent information on the environment:


  • Covenant of Mayors, the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities in the fight against climate change:


  • Fedarene, European Federation of Agencies and Region for Energy and Environment:


  • Energy Cities, the European association of local authorities in transition:


  • CIPRA: an autonomous non-governmental, non-profit umbrella organisation that has been committed to the protection and sustainable development of the Alps since 1952:


  • Climate Action Network : a network of over 900 NGOs fighting climate change: