Scalable Platform for Innovations on Real-time Immersive Telepresence

Meet the partners

Eight of Europe most cutting-edge companies and universities in the field of telepresence applications are at work in SPIRIT. They bring advanced and complementary expertise in extended reality (XR) and multimedia communications.

Deutsche Telekom
Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI
University of Klagenfurt
University of Surrey
D4P - Digital For Planet
SPIRIT - background

Our mission

Immersive technologies are changing the way we live and work as the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds become more blurred. However, immersive telepresence applications lag behind in Europe. Building on and advancing the know-how of the consortium, SPIRIT’s mission is to create Europe’s first multisite and interconnected framework capable of supporting a wide range of application features in collaborative telepresence.

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The SPIRIT platform is a truly distributed network and application system with interconnected sites strategically distributed between countries. ​

Use cases

SPIRIT will develop and test its own application use cases based on the distributed framework in addition to those from Open Call participants. ​

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