The EUCNC & 6G Summit 2024 proved to be an exceptional convergence of minds and technologies, setting the stage for the future of connectivity and telecommunications. Among the standout participants was the SPIRIT project, making significant strides in shaping the landscape of real-time immersive telepresence and beyond. 

SPIRIT at EuCNC & 6G Summit 2024

SPIRIT Project Coordinator Peter Van Daele from imec, played a pivotal role at EUCNC 2024, serving as the local organizer chair and ensuring the event’s success by contributing his expertise and vision to deliver a truly insightful summit. His involvement extended to delivering both the welcome and closing speeches, underscoring SPIRIT’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of connectivity.  

Partnering for Progress 

Among SPIRIT’s esteemed partners is AWTG, prominently featured with a dedicated booth at this year’s summit. This platform provided an opportunity for attendees to delve into the SPIRIT Project’s overarching vision, objectives, and the impactful use cases it is actively developing. From enhanced network reliability to transformative applications across industries, SPIRIT’s booth was a hub of innovation and collaboration.  

Looking Ahead 

As the curtains draw on EuCNC & 6G Summit 2024, the SPIRIT Project remains steadfast in its mission to drive innovation in connectivity. The event has been a testament to the collaborative spirit and visionary outlook of projects like SPIRIT.